Haitian Army 2017 – recruiters accept over 2,200 candidates

On July 25, 2017, Haiti’s Minister of Defense Herve Denis held a joint press conference with Colonel Louis Marcelin Daniel and Captain Louicin Dieudonne at the military base in Gressier, Leogane.

The event marked the end of the first round of recruitment that started on July 17th for the 2017 re-mobilization of Haiti’s Army.

Colonel Daniel reaffirmed that while the first round of candidate selections had concluded, further recruitment rounds were planned for the future; pending government approval.

Likewise, Captain Dieudonne confirmed that more than 2,200 candidate applications had been accepted. He also added that at least 200 of the candidates were young woman.

All accepted applicants will be required to undergo a series of test. This includes a medical, intellectual and para-clinical examination. They must also pass a psychological and physical fitness test. Once completed, candidates will be formally interviewed. The intake process will conclude with final selection.

You can watch snippets of the press conference posted on YouTube by Radio Tele Ginen.